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We thought it necessary to say a big thanks for your brilliant work effort today (cutting your way through a path to the canal wasn’t easy!) and finding the fault that was the cause of our irrigation problems. We thought you were extremely polite, honest, very thorough and reliable!…and reasonably priced.
Steve and Julie G., Port Charlotte
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Protect Your Grass with Residential & Commercial Irrigation in Winter Park

To keep your grass growing, you need water. Unfortunately, you may not always get the right amount of rain and watering your yard with a hose can be costly.

When the weather does not provide the rain needed to keep your yard watered, irrigation systems are the right solution. At American Irrigation, we offer modern, efficient sprinkler installation for residential and commercial properties.

Residential and Commercial Irrigation Solutions

We specialize in residential and commercial irrigation system installation and repair. Every project receives a superior attention to detail, from the design of your new sprinkler system to installation and servicing.

Here are a few of the irrigation services we provide to Winter Park residents and property owners:

  • New irrigation system installation
  • Updates to existing sprinkler systems
  • Sprinkler system repair and maintenance
  • Monthly or quarterly inspections
  • Water-smart timers and rain sensors
  • Micro and drip irrigation systems
North Port Sun Readers Choice Award 2017

When you need assistance keeping your lawn watered without wasting lots of water, contact the experts at American Irrigation. We have a team of highly-skilled irrigation Technicians that have worked on all types of properties in Winter Park.

If you live in Winter Park, your yard may not receive enough water to remain healthy throughout the year. During the dryer months, you may notice dry patches of dead grass. With an efficient sprinkler system, you can avoid this problem and keep your yard watered year-round.

Do You Need to Repair Your Existing Irrigation System?

If you have noticed that your grass does not seem as healthy as normal, you may have an issue with your sprinkler system. Our Technicians can inspect all components and provide dependable irrigation system repair.

You should not allow a faulty sprinkler system to continue operating. You need sprinkler system repair to prevent a faulty sprinkler from damaging your lawn. Depending on the issue, you may have a leak that causes too much water to reach the soil. You may also have faulty sprinkler heads that deliver too much or too little water.

Your sprinkler system may eventually need repair. With our expert sprinkler system repair services, you never need to wait long for your sprinklers to begin spraying water again. We can find a time that works with your schedule to arrive and inspect your irrigation systems.

Affordable Scheduled Inspections for Your Irrigation Systems

You can also reduce the need for sprinkler system repair by scheduling monthly or quarterly inspections. With these inspections, we send a technician to fully inspect every component of your irrigation system.

These inspections give you peace of mind in knowing that your sprinklers are working properly. You can avoid the dangers of over-watering your yards, such as the growth of fungus and the spread of durable weeds that can quickly overtake the rest of your lawn.

Professional Irrigation System Design and Installation

If you decide to install a sprinkler system, it is important to find a company that knows what they are doing. Our years of experience with professional irrigation system installation ensures that your new irrigation system works properly and efficiently.

Before we complete your sprinkler installation project, we design the system based on the requirements of your property. Using the latest irrigation technology, techniques, and equipment, we can design a system that works efficiently to keep your lawn watered.

Winter Park Irrigation System Installation and Repair

When you are ready to install new sprinkler systems or need to update or repair an existing system, give us a call at American Irrigation.

We design and install the most energy-efficient and effective irrigation systems. You can also expect these benefits:

  • Receive a free estimate
  • Enjoy water-saving technologies
  • New sprinkler system installation
  • Affordable irrigation system repair
  • Reliable and professional service

We employ highly-skilled individuals that complete comprehensive training. Our experienced irrigation Technicians always arrive uniformed and ready to assist you with your irrigation needs. Whether you require new sprinkler system installation or repair, we are the people to call.

Get started on the installation or repair of your irrigation system. We are a local, family owned and operated business with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Call us today for more details on our irrigation services and to receive a free estimate for your sprinkler project.


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