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American Irrigation came to my house to perform a routine checkup on an 11 year old system. The technician noticed pressure lost in the rotors, did some discovery, and found a broken pipe due to shrub roots splitting the PVC pipe below ground. He replaced the broken section of PVC and re-adjusted the sprinklers which now operated much more efficiently AND he stopped a leaking pipe that could have wasted thousands of gallons of drinking water!
Andy V., Sarasota
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Reliable and Efficient Residential & Commercial Irrigation in Oviedo

Do you need help keeping your lawn properly watered? Relying on a garden hose or rainfall may not be the most efficient option.

At American Irrigation, we provide reliable residential and commercial irrigation system installation and repair. We can help create the perfect sprinkler system for your yard.

Irrigation Installation and Repair Services

Our professional sprinkler system repair, installation, and maintenance services are suitable for any residential or commercial property. Our expertise and our irrigation systems can keep lawns fed throughout Oviedo.

Instead of allowing your grass to wither, you should examine our sprinkler system repair and installation services:

  • Water-saving sensors and smart timers
  • New irrigation system installation and design
  • Drip and micro-irrigation systems
  • Reliable leak detection
  • Efficient and affordable irrigation system repair
  • Monthly or quarterly sprinkler system inspections
North Port Sun Readers Choice Award 2017

Watering your yard every day with a hose may do more harm than good. You waste a lot of water and risk over-watering your grass. Maintaining your lawn should not drain the bank.

We install efficient irrigation systems to help keep your lawn watered without wasting a lot of water.

We also offer affordable repairs. Our expert sprinkler system repair services help get your system working again quickly. We employ skilled Technicians that always provide prompt, professional service. Whether you need sprinkler system repair for your residential or commercial property, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Should You Install a Sprinkler System on Your Property?

Sprinkler installation is convenient, affordable, and effective. When you have a system that automatically waters your lawn, you do not need to check the forecast to know if your grass is receiving enough water. You also avoid the hassle of needing to water your lawn with a hose after a dry spell.

The weather can be unpredictable. While Oviedo can receive plenty of rain during the summer and early fall, the winter time often includes periods of little rain. With efficient irrigation system installation, your lawn is protected throughout the year.

Do You Need to Update or Replace Your Existing Irrigation System?

There are several signs that you require sprinkler system repair or updates. You may notice that your grass is turning yellow. You may also see patches of dirt or weeds where you once had lush, full grass.

When a sprinkler system malfunctions, you may end up with too much water or not enough. For example, a leak can cause water to pool near the source of the leak. The excess water drowns the roots. A sprinkler system that no longer sprays enough water can cause just as much damage to your yard.

Reliable sprinkler system repair can help address these issues. If you suspect that you have a leak or that one or more components are faulty, do not hesitate to call us at American Irrigation.

How Can You Protect Your Irrigation System from Breaking Down?

We can also help you avoid the need for sprinkler system repair. We offer scheduled inspections for residential and commercial sprinkler systems.

Choose monthly or quarterly inspections to protect your irrigation system from breaking down. We will inspect every part and component to ensure that your sprinkler system is working properly.

Dependable Service for All Oviedo Property Owners

Our residential and commercial irrigation system installation and repair services cannot be matched. We provide over 18 years of experience in helping to maintain lawns with the most efficient sprinkler systems and irrigation solutions. We also provide each customer with the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective irrigation system installation
  • Irrigation system repair that you can count on
  • One-year warranty for all parts on labor
  • We are a family owned and operated business

We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. These are just a few of the reasons that more people depend on us at American Irrigation for effective irrigation systems.

If you want to boost the curb appeal of your residential or commercial property, you should consider getting a new irrigation system installation. These systems are energy-efficient, requiring a minimal amount of electricity and water.

Allow us to design the perfect irrigation system for your property. Call us today or email us for a free estimate or to discuss your irrigation needs.


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