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I used American Irrigation to install a sprinkler system in my new home. Their staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and took the extra time with me to create the design of the system, while giving me several options that I never knew existed. All at an affordable rate! I would highly reccomend using them for all of your irrigation needs. 5 stars!
Anthony R., Englewood
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Professional Residential & Commercial Irrigation Solutions in Orlando

Most people want to keep their yard looking great. However, when the Florida winter does not provide enough rain, your grass can begin to dry out.

Sprinkler systems are the perfect solution for keeping your grass hydrated and healthy. At American Irrigation, we offer affordable irrigation solutions for residential and commercial customers throughout the Orlando area.

Cost-Effective Commercial and Residential Irrigation

Our skilled technicians can work within your budget to find the most suitable irrigation for your property. Whether you require a sprinkler system for your home or a commercial property, we design and install the most cost-effective irrigation systems.

At American Irrigation, we specialize in the following irrigation services:

  • Sprinkler system repair
  • Sprinkler system installation
  • Professional leak detection
  • Micro and drip irrigation systems
  • Head, timer, and valve replacements
  • Water-saving sensor installation
  • Maintenance contracts

We can update your existing sprinkler system or design an entirely new irrigation system based on the specific details of your property. We also provide quality sprinkler system repair.

For all projects, we strive to provide excellent customer service from start to finish. All parts and labor are backed by a one-year warranty.

North Port Sun Readers Choice Award 2017

Efficient Sprinkler Systems for Any Property

From a tiny backyard to a large park, all landscapes benefit from regular watering. Unfortunately, you cannot always rely on rainfall to keep your grass fed. At American Irrigation, we offer efficient sprinkler systems for all types of properties.

We understand that every property has different requirements. With every new irrigation system installation project, we assess the property to design the most effective solution.

We can also use water-saving technology to ensure that you conserve as much water as you can. There are many ways to limit water usage with sprinkler systems.

Provide the Perfect Amount of Water for Your Yard

Many homeowners assume that watering their yards with a hose every day can help the grass grow. While your grass does need regular watering, giving too much water can destroy your yard.

Over-watering can damage the roots of the grass. The soil under your grass includes a mixture of sand, clay, and silt particles. After a rainfall, the rain fills the spaces between these particles before getting absorbed by the soil. As the water is absorbed, those spaces are replaced by oxygen, which is necessary for the growth of healthy grass and plants.

When you over-water your lawn, you drown the soil and prevent oxygen from reaching the roots. By giving too much water to your lawn, you may kill your grass. As the grass withers, weeds can take over. Before long, your lawn is covered in dead grass and weeds.

Prevent Your Sprinkler Systems from Breaking Down

All equipment eventually requires repair or replacement. With our professional sprinkler system maintenance services, you can reduce the risk of damage to your sprinkler system and keep providing your grass with the correct amount of water.

Our sprinkler system repair is always fast and convenient. We will send our skilled technicians to inspect, repair, and replace any damaged parts. This includes leak detection to find faulty hoses and water lines.

Trusted and Reliable Irrigation Technicians in Orlando

The irrigation solutions that you receive should be designed based on the specific details of your property. Allow an experienced technician to assess your Orlando property and help devise the perfect sprinkler system. We match the equipment to the needs of your lawn to help keep the green grass growing.

Besides providing effective irrigation systems for all types of properties, we ensure that all customers receive the following benefits:

  • Courteous and professional service
  • Fast and dependable irrigation system repair
  • Free estimates for your irrigation project
  • We have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Uniformed technicians
  • We use water-conserving technologies

You can depend on us to install, repair, or service the sprinkler system for your property. We have experience with a wide variety of irrigation solutions for both residential and commercial customers. With over 18 years’ experience, our family-owned and operated business has helped keep the grass green and healthy.

If you want to protect your lawn, contact us for more information. Receive a free estimate to get started on the design of your new irrigation system installation, or contact us for cost-effective irrigation system repair and service.


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